“Any confidence i have is borne of recklessness and resignation.” 12/18/08

“Life stirs beneath the cooling embers of my hollow soul.” 12/28/08

“The gloom is a grim precursor to the truth.” 01/01/09

“My faith is as potent a force as the fear that cripples it.” 01/03/09

“There is comfort in a whirling void.” 01/09/09

“Clarity resides underneath the murky depths of misery.” 01/11/09

“Life begins in the final seconds of free-fall.” 01/17/09

“Words wander through lonely space while thoughts venture to a lofty place.” 01/21/09

“Words make more sense if you let them write themselves.” 01/22/09

“The warmth eventually sets those closest ablaze.” 01/24/09

“Sometimes, a half step is all that is necessary to evade those sensitive issues.” 01/25/09

“White noise is infinitely better than the dark shrieking cacophony of thoughts echoing in my head.” 01/26/09

“Survival is not dependent on knowing the meaning of existence.” 01/27/09

“Doubt always precedes understanding.” 01/29/09

“There exist no true forgiveness in this world, only faulty recollections.” 01/31/09

“Existence is an uphill struggle that ends with a rather nasty fall.” 02/01/09

“Deviation is, at times,  the only acceptable option to remain on course.” 02/03/09

“The preference for nescient elation over a fragmented and dysphoric existence is an all too human trait.” 02/05/09

“The full weight of a burden is staggering when standing still.” 02/06/09

“Dreams are nightmarish certainties denying me sleep.” 02/13/09

“Consider the distance and silence as signs of gratitude and farewell.” 02/19/09

“The conventional path to peace is marred by conflict, and violence is a welcome companion.” 03/03/09

“Gray is detached awareness.” 03/07/09

“Future sorrows relieve present pains.” 03/09/09

“Voices echo inside empty minds but fall silent within blank souls.” 03/15/09

“No matter how much you will it to last, a moment will persist no longer than the second it is realized.” 04/20/09

“No language can express indifference as efficiently as ignorance.” 04/21/09

“In this world, self-righteousness often pass as virtue because people allow it.” 06/02/09

“Sleep is impartial to good and evil.” 06/04/09

“Knowing yourself and your enemy will end the war.” 06/13/09

“Good will live on even as evil and the discerning mind cease to exist.” 07/09/09

“A step back from oppressive fear is a step towards slow destruction.” 07/16/09

“The simple-minded fool is a stranger to constant discontent.” 08/09/09

“Even the darkest gray tones would shed the black for the white.” 09/09/09

“I would rather be imprisoned in a desolate void for eternity than be in paradise and still be unsated.” 09/14/09

“I sought absolution in my isolation only to be hounded by the voices of my accusers.” 10/27/09

“Light a fire in your soul and dance in the heat haze.” 10/28/09

“Those who fear the flames hover over graying clouds.” 11/22/09

“A slow death awaits at the plateau.” 12/16/09

“Lips grow pale with unspoken truths.” 01/16/10

“The mind adds agonizing verses to the daily chorus of pain.” 01/19/10

“There exist no trials of faith, only consequences of human failing.” 02/24/10

“Even the light of dead stars would outlive the most ancient of memories.” 03/29/10

“Falsehoods fly swifter on the wings of ill intentions.” 03/30/10

“Countless portals may close behind you but the path before you remains the same.” 04/03/10

“A ten second pause may lasts as long as a profanity laced tirade or a one sided melee.” 04/25/10

“When careful deliberation is sacrificed for quick action, the most your left with are necessary evils masquerading as the greater good.” 05/05/10

“In this swirling, thrashing chaos we call existence, despair is the preferred bliss.” 05/22/10

“Faults have a habit of fleeing the accuser.” 05/26/10

“Pain may serve as a grim reminder or an invitation to forget.” 06/12/10

“It is better to encounter the false one at the end than spout his lies at the beginning.” 07/03/10

“Indifferent strangers speak truth in saintly tongues.” 08/19/10

“When the beat of life sounds, the Devil is a willing dance partner.” 09/04/10

“Sacrifice is the only acceptable currency in the altar of our heart’s desire.” 10/14/10

“The cold one holds court beyond the rivers of hate.” 16/10/10

“Our heads swim in unyielding uncertainty but fate’s noose provides a constant sobering reminder of the inevitable.” 12/08/10

“The ideal that drives ‘real’ men points to a general direction but not actual destination.” 12/19/10

“You can’t spot wolves while counting sheep.” 02/08/11

“We wear masks of purest gold for the ones we dearest hold.” 04/12/11

“Until you cease to be a stranger, you will be always be a warped reflection of their dispositions.” 06/10/11

“The second wind gives birth to a hurricane.” 06/14/11

“Given time, any thirsty traveler will trade his moral compass for a flask filled with a stranger’s tears.” 06/26/11

“Nothing quite epitomizes spirited desolation quite like the rolling tumbleweed.” 07/27/11

“You are kindling to my fire.” 09/01/11

“The first impression is a dated notion.” 09/02/11

“The true construct reverberates beneath the torrent of constant revisions.” 02/10/12

“Those who play with fire deserve to get burn.” 03/14/12

“In a room full of deluded heroes keeping the peace, only the villains can make peace.” 04/24/12

“Sometimes your only choices are either chaos or oblivion” 06/05/12

“You can string together all the angry words known to man in one very long proclamation of the truth but all they will ever hear is anger.” 06/27/12

“A wounded dog is not a toothless dog.” 12/06/12

“Those who truly know freedom have at some point in their lives lost it.” 01/02/13

“Dread is a slayer of sheep.” 01/12/13

“The mad scramble for the top leaves me with enough room to stretch my legs at the bottom.” 08/26/13

“Never expect depth from a closed mind.” 03/20/14

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