Haiku #71

Tussling the awkward
The tremors and the valleys
‘Til I get it right



And it was over
Air staggered out of his chest
As he toppled down
On the well-manicured lawn
Pain like no other
Dominated his body
Shattered his spirit
The words were already there
His mind all made up
His lips about to utter
A tired surrender
Because this was justified
He already tried
He was not cut out for this
But a friendly voice
Declared today’s achievements
Detailed the numbers
It all seemed believable
And he did believe
Perhaps he can try again
He smiled as he clicked
Got up from the ruined lawn
Exited the app
Then went on his merry way


A puddle
Pooling from a trail of beads
Heat rises
Exerting force on the weight
Of burdens
Doubts and personal failings

Release along with the beads
Nightly toil
Daily agonizing fate
Still unfazed
The puddle is deepening

There is hope
Along the trails of these beads
In its depths
He tears free from his self-hate
Renewed strength
The change is just beginning

65 ~ 27 ~ 70

2016 Running Goals

Stay under 65 kilograms by the end of the year

I remember the struggle of running the Cebu Marathon last year. It was really hard on the knees since I was around 6 kilograms heavier than my ideal weight. I’m not going through that again. Losing weight is definitely tough so I’m going to strive to maintain my weight this year.

Crush my 5k pr

27:55.43 has become a formidable psychological version of the great wall of China. I know I can beat it. I just need to get into more 5k races. The wall goes down this year. Yes, good eye beloved reader. I just copy-pasted this paragraph from last year. This goal needs no rephrasing.

Minimum of 70 kilometer mileage per month

I eclipsed my 2014 mileage by 131 kilometers. That’s a lot for me and I’ve been patting myself at the back ever since. However, this was a hard feat to achieve because I had plenty of low mileage months. This new minimum mileage goal is going to make 1000 kilometers a year a cinch. I hope.

Running Poetry XVI

My poetry from 2 years ago had so much drama and passion. A part of me laughs at the drama but I mostly envy the passion.

He held back
Felt the chill linger
Time and space governed the track
Til he became cold fire’s soft whisper

Slid on a puddle
On a lonely unlit road
Fear seemed almighty

Nowhere fast on lifeless wheels
The sky mocked with gentle rain
Only to cease and reveal
An old continual strain

Drawing faceless multitudes
The ash cross has its burden
But bear it with gratitude
To exit the black wolf’s den

Into the darkness
Conscience did not go unscathed
I must make amends

Black wolf’s mad howling
Inner inkwell overflows
Silence; inkwell dries

Sacrifice balance
Maximize range of motion
Laborious falling

Forced adaptation
Willpower breaks the threshold
Found yet another

Her laughter is gold
Every note puts me at ease
I need to wake up

Myriad glowing lights
Resplendent without the veil
Spark the light within

Running Poetry XV

How time flies.. These old poems from 27-year old me are amazing! It’s a wonder how I can keep describing pain and endurance after every single run. My fear is that I will eventually run out of words to say about these topics. Only time will tell.

Dusk before Christmas
Danger assailed the senses
I’m saved by His grace

This oblivion
A self-imposed food coma
No Elysium
Foreshadowing a trauma

I felt it tugging
Towards a dark eerie place
It’s chill beckoning

Started new year right
Went to church, updated blog
Met a girl and ran

I knew pain again
Never thought I’d forgotten
The mem’ry tastes..sweet

Need a miracle
Botched training and kept saying
Please don’t get injured

Running while I’m aching
Singing while I’m coughing
This ceaseless suffering
Needs an abrupt ending

Pain wracked the vacuum
As mettle filled its absence
Resolve is renewed

3rd since the thirteenth
Was I this headstrong?

There was dissonance
And I failed at remembrance
Shaky and craven
All my thoughts longed for haven
Until the embers
Sparked an undaunted temper

Running Poetry XIV

At this point of my life, I finally passed the 1,000th kilometer. I remember feeling unparalleled joy when I accomplished this milestone two years ago. Yet now, a voice in my head would say, “Took you long enough.” I admit that I did take my sweet time but it was worth it. It was a fun journey.

Breathlessly flitted through cars
A parlous breakthrough

I am beholden
It’s gleam pried my eyes open
This is tyranny!
’twas a fleeting litany

Absent stars and moon
A dose of paranoia
Forfends disaster

Pampered by rubber
Spoiled by the cool evening breeze
Dawn road runs are hard

Against the rush home
Against maternal instinct
Against my schedule

Tuned out the jolly
Long slow distance minus long
No meteor showers

The stars seem nearer
I could reach out and pluck ’em
A breathless thought said

For a precarious minute
Explosions rattled the cage
My foot had crossed the limit
Cracked a smile and disengaged

Did not sleep a wink
Present and future at last
Agreed on something

65 ~ 27 ~ 876

2015 Running Goals

Reach my ideal weight of 53 – 65 kilograms

For the past 2 years, I have watched the critical finger of my weighing scale point from 62 kg to 65 kg then finally 71 kg. Right now, my cabinet is filled with clothes from a stranger who wears small slim fit shirts and size 29 jeans. I jiggle a lot and get hurt far to quickly. Sick days have become more frequent as well. Every cell in this chubby yet still quite handsome frame I call a body is yelling for me to lose weight. I hear you body.

Crush my 5k pr

27:55.43 has become a formidable psychological version of the great wall of China. I know I can beat it. I just need to get into more 5k races. The wall goes down this year.

Surpass 876 kilometers

I am on fire right now. I feel like I could do 900 or maybe even 1000 this year. 1000 is a tad optimistic. 900 seems like a sure thing though. Good health and consistency seem to be the keys to executing this lofty goal.


28 days. 28 days of nothing but training and relaxation. No races to lose sleep over. No forking overpriced fees for less than stellar singlets. I have been planning to get some downtime for a while now. I never really had the opportunity or the self control, with all the enticing races happening around town, to just settle down and train. Don’t get me wrong. Racing has its perks.  It builds mental fortitude and sharpens one’s competitive instinct. Most of all, you can only really go all out during races. However, frequent racing leaves a huge hole in the long run department. You can’t really combine long runs with tapering.

Combine. Hah. That word hit me like only a freight train could. I read somewhere in a Runner’s World issue that you can do combination workouts to boost training gains. Well, I look at combination workouts differently. Long runs are time consuming and, let’s face it, boring. Tempo and speed workouts are very goal oriented workouts, which take as low as 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. They are never boring or time consuming. The math is easy. Tempo + Speedwork = Long Run. Well, it’s not exactly a long run but a faster version of a long run. Furthermore, it doesn’t end there. Easy runs can also be added into the equation. I even have a list of combo workouts.

  • Tempo + Speedwork
  • Tempo + Easy
  • Speedwork + Easy
  • Tempo + Easy + Speedwork
  • Tempo + Easy + Tempo
  • Speedwork + Easy + Speedwork

I confess that I have yet to try that last one but what’s to stop me from trying all possible combinations. Also, I have yet to see how good the results are going to be. It won’t be long now. I smell a race coming.