Running Poetry XXI

Even as life sent me further away from the track, I came hurling back. Perhaps my feet had grown fond of its rubbery surface.

Despair is salty
The crawl upwards is salty
Falling is salty
Triumphant kicks are salty

Chattering demons
Plagued me but, surprisingly,
I finished faster

Voice thrashed by illness
Ran to mend ability
To sing joyful praise

I rolled off the couch
Unto a gusty oval
Fire reignited

Sleep deprivation
And a week of stagnation
Or millennia
Ended inertia

Prophetic musings
Waylaid by reality
Eyes off the abyss

Run turned excursion
Beyond known territories
Updated my charts

Poorly run 4k
Plus a kinda fast 1k
Equals punishment

This was a test run
Should I bandit tomorrow?
Injury screamed NO!

A dull ache upsets
The core with every stride
Wait, forgot my shirt!


Running Poetry XIV

At this point of my life, I finally passed the 1,000th kilometer. I remember feeling unparalleled joy when I accomplished this milestone two years ago. Yet now, a voice in my head would say, “Took you long enough.” I admit that I did take my sweet time but it was worth it. It was a fun journey.

Breathlessly flitted through cars
A parlous breakthrough

I am beholden
It’s gleam pried my eyes open
This is tyranny!
’twas a fleeting litany

Absent stars and moon
A dose of paranoia
Forfends disaster

Pampered by rubber
Spoiled by the cool evening breeze
Dawn road runs are hard

Against the rush home
Against maternal instinct
Against my schedule

Tuned out the jolly
Long slow distance minus long
No meteor showers

The stars seem nearer
I could reach out and pluck ’em
A breathless thought said

For a precarious minute
Explosions rattled the cage
My foot had crossed the limit
Cracked a smile and disengaged

Did not sleep a wink
Present and future at last
Agreed on something

How To Know If You Have Improved In A Race (Despite Not Getting A PR)

PRs are awesome. All runners love ’em. In a perfect world, we’d love to get a PR to go with our medals and finisher goodies. Sadly, it is unrealistic to expect one every race. Your body won’t always be in peak condition. Training won’t always yield significant improvement in race performance. The weather will get in your way at times.

I learned during my race last Sunday that you can still find satisfaction in your racing despite not getting a PR. My race is in its 5th year. I have run this race since the first one and my racing distance has been the 21k for the third year now. Let me just go ahead and inform you, dear reader, that I did not get a PR for this one. I did, however, see improvements that can help improve your own mindset when it comes to racing success.

  1. You slept soundly enough the night before the race. 6 hours is now your current pre-race sleep PR! When you wake up, you did not need to consume your morning coffee.
  2. The gun start is late! You are not as worried about the morning heat as you should be.
  3. The water problem just got worse this year. You already skipped three water stations but you ain’t worried.
  4. You spend more time lamenting the fact that you passed up the free chocolate than you do running.
  5. You finally get to the Gatorade station. It has the orange one. Your favorite! A moral battle ensues. Your conscience wins and you get only one cup of Gatorade. You’re a saint!
  6. At the last turning point, you think that the route seems shorter this year.
  7. You are sure you heard someone announced that you get watermelons during the race but you did not see any. This saddens you. You comfort yourself with a banana. You move on.
  8. You realize near the end of the race that you forgot to rub Vaseline on your, uh, fragile areas. No point worrying about that now.
  9. It’s the same route with the same weather but you ran it faster than last year. No, it’s neither a PR nor a race PR but you killed it out there and that’s a good enough story to tell your future grandkids.
  10. You’re tired. You’re hurt. You need someone to haul your butt back home. Who could it be? Wait! You have a girlfriend now! You promptly parade her around for all the lonely, tired, hurting finishers to see. This would make a great ending to that story that you will eventually keep telling your future grandkids.


SM2SM Run 5

February 22, 2015



My debts are rising

No treasure or currency

But the uprising

Of physical circuitry

So I bid the world

Hello, goodbye, and goodnight

Curtains had unfurled

Because I have lost this fight

Wakefulness is loss

Surrender to the mattress

Trigger the life pause

Sleep is forever matchless

I will have to pay this debt

Or face symptoms I’ll regret


Everything itches

And everyone hurts

Too easily bruised

So complicated

Friendships run aground

Endless betrayal

Constant tragedies

Tedious plateaus

Reality bites

So you’d rather sleep

Visit other worlds

Those final frontiers

Moments stretch to days

As long as you like

Rest easy my dear

On your side waiting



When you’re finally ready

Wrench yourself from reverie

Comfort you until you see

Our dream will forever be

You, me, and our family