Haiku #42

Passionately armed
By flowers and chocolates
The lover attacks



They fell
Strapped together
’til death do we part
He thought as he screamed
Her screams blended with his own
Her joy and his fear
The vicious plummet and the tug
Upwards then downwards
Nauseating him
Enlivening her
On and on until they stopped
Still suspended in midair
Alive and well
It was the greatest moment of her life
She declared
He considered her
The excitement caught in her eyes
The mirth in her laughter
Her full lips and pretty eyes
It was the greatest moment of his life too


He remembers
A time when he stopped
For every beggar
For every orphan
When he stood up
For the oppressed
For the deceased
He would try to help
As best as he can
He could not help himself
Something inside him
Spurred him on
To do the right thing
He had this thing
Had a bleeding heart
But that was back then
The world changed him
Made him cold
Indifferent to others
Yet he recalls
Dreams wild dreams
Of a better place
Of a better world
A world that embraces
Kindness and love
Justice and mercy
A world that inspires
Men to stop
For every beggar & orphan
To stand up
For the oppressed
And the deceased
He realizes
That he sorely misses
That he still wants
Yearns to be that man
A man with a
Bloody bleeding heart