65 ~ 27 ~ 70

2016 Running Goals

Stay under 65 kilograms by the end of the year

I remember the struggle of running the Cebu Marathon last year. It was really hard on the knees since I was around 6 kilograms heavier than my ideal weight. I’m not going through that again. Losing weight is definitely tough so I’m going to strive to maintain my weight this year.

Crush my 5k pr

27:55.43 has become a formidable psychological version of the great wall of China. I know I can beat it. I just need to get into more 5k races. The wall goes down this year. Yes, good eye beloved reader. I just copy-pasted this paragraph from last year. This goal needs no rephrasing.

Minimum of 70 kilometer mileage per month

I eclipsed my 2014 mileage by 131 kilometers. That’s a lot for me and I’ve been patting myself at the back ever since. However, this was a hard feat to achieve because I had plenty of low mileage months. This new minimum mileage goal is going to make 1000 kilometers a year a cinch. I hope.


A Healthier Me

2015 Running Review


I weighed as low as 62.9 kg this year because of swollen gums. As of this writing, I weigh around 64.7 kg. I credit most of my success to my even more rigorous marathon training this year. My brief preoccupation with calorie counting also helped.


The insurmountable goal just keeps getting more menacing to my psyche. I really need to beat this monstrous goal in 2016.


1000 kilometers. Finally! Well, specifically 1007 kilometers. This will be a tough achievement to break but I ain’t backing down.


Honestly, 2015 was not that great a year for running. However, it is a great year for me health-wise. Did I mention I once did 1000 squats this year? I was definitely more well-rounded with my fitness this year with my addition of smaller goals involving nutrition and strength training. Seeing my weight go down on the scale and my mileage rack up to 1000 km always made my day. I would love to keep this healthy lifestyle going in 2016.

Best Race: Cebu Marathon 2015

Worst Race: SM2SM Run 5

65 ~ 27 ~ 876

2015 Running Goals

Reach my ideal weight of 53 – 65 kilograms

For the past 2 years, I have watched the critical finger of my weighing scale point from 62 kg to 65 kg then finally 71 kg. Right now, my cabinet is filled with clothes from a stranger who wears small slim fit shirts and size 29 jeans. I jiggle a lot and get hurt far to quickly. Sick days have become more frequent as well. Every cell in this chubby yet still quite handsome frame I call a body is yelling for me to lose weight. I hear you body.

Crush my 5k pr

27:55.43 has become a formidable psychological version of the great wall of China. I know I can beat it. I just need to get into more 5k races. The wall goes down this year.

Surpass 876 kilometers

I am on fire right now. I feel like I could do 900 or maybe even 1000 this year. 1000 is a tad optimistic. 900 seems like a sure thing though. Good health and consistency seem to be the keys to executing this lofty goal.

A Good Year

2014 Running Review


I think I scored a home run with this goal. I entered not one but two marathons on the first quarter of the year. I even joined a triathlon relay team race last June. How am I ever going to top this achievement?


I’m starting to think that I may never beat this record. Hah! I was too busy enjoying and dreading the one time I joined a 5k race. I did however beat my 10k personal record by a relatively wide berth. It was quite a feat considering my condition then.


I realized when I wrote this post that I forgot that I only needed to run 771 kilometers to secure this goal. I did not bike this year but I managed to cover 876 kilometers, which is 105 kilometers better than last year. That is a lot.


Despite the challenges brought about by my growing number of responsibilities, I managed to carry out 2 out of 3 of my goals. I even achieved a marked improvement in both speed and endurance. 2014 is indeed a good year for running. I hope and pray that 2015 would be even better. Carpe Annum!


Enjoying The Colors

Color Manila Run Cebu  5k  04/06/14

I made a terrible mistake. I succumbed to peer pressure. I registered for a triathlon relay race as the runner. I did not need much convincing. Who wouldn’t want to compete in a triathlon? No. I wasn’t going to be the idiot that turned down a golden opportunity. I was the idiot that kept running even after whining about the pain though. Furthermore, I succumbed to peer pressure again. I registered for a color run. My friends managed to convince me that being covered in various colors while running was fun. They were not wrong. It was fun! Extremely fun.

Colorful clouds blotted out the sun as fire hoses gave us a mid-run bath. Our bodies were caked with rainbow colors. I briefly wondered at one point if I was in one of those pride parades. My friends busied themselves by rolling on the ground. Becoming as dirty/colorful as possible was the number one priority. The feel of this race was so different. Everyone was having fun. There were no prizes for this race. This was a true fun run.

Once I was passed the checkpoint, I shifted my focus to running. I spent 20 minutes on the first half, which was time well spent. My pace quickened. It took me about 300 meters to realize that it was already hot. The tropical summer heat was upon us. I thought about the upcoming triathlon race. It was possible that I was going to start running at almost noon. I was probably going to suffer through the noon heat. My train of thought made me nervous. I felt the heat become as unbearable as I thought it would be during the triathlon. My legs became super heavy. I was slowing down until I was too exhausted run. I walked. I was gasping for air. It felt like I was having a panic attack. I managed to get myself under control. The fartlek method put me at ease enough to get back my rhythm. I managed to squeeze out some energy to do a kick in the end.

As soon as I crossed the finish line, the nightmare ended. I was back to party mode. My friends saved me from the clutches of my imagination. However, I did derive some wisdom out of my freak out session. I need to run more during daytime. I need to do long runs and tempo runs. I mulled over my strategy as the concert began. Someone called it a color festival. The energy of the crowd was infectious. I allowed myself to be pulled in by my friends deep into the dancing mob. I was no dancer but I danced anyway. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy the moment. 40:08


I remember it

Remember it all


The long sleepless night

The tense ride eight hours later

The painful pin prick

The failed attempt to warm up

The booming gun start

The jostling for position

The cold morning breeze

The long lonely stretch of road

The crazy fast kick

The proud victorious finish

The free awesome stuff

The failed attempt to cool down

The sweet post-race meal

The satisfying ride home


I remember it

Remember it still

2 Out Of 3 Is Good Enough For Me

2013 Running Review

Run 4 half-marathons   PASS

I ran only 4 races this year. All of them were half-marathons. These races were the Cebu Marathon 2013 (21k), SM2SM III, Hunat Sugbu 3: Dagan Para Ni Maning, & Leg 9 of the 37th Milo Marathon Eliminations. All four races were hard. A half-marathon is not half of anything. It’s a full challenge.

Beat my 5k personal record   FAIL

I did not beat my 27:55.43 simply because I did not race 5ks this year. My reasons were as varied and trivial as financial constraints to scheduling issues. I did beat my record during training though so I’ll retake this challenge on 2014.

Improve training mileage   PASS

Here are the statistics: I ran 771 km. I walked 59 km (recorded). I biked 24 km. Add them all up to get 854 km. The first stat alone got me way pass the goal. Great job me!


I got better in terms of endurance this year. 2013 was a challenging but a good year nonetheless. I’m certain that more challenging races will come my way next year. I believe 2014 will be an even better year not just for me but for runners everywhere. Carpe annum!

Mr. No Motivation

New Balance 10k Run Series  5k 07/08/12

My injury broke my spirit. One month of not running can do terrible things to a runner’s soul but I survived. We, runners, are nothing if not resilient after all. I did plan to run on June but I broke something again. It was my heart this time but I’m just going skip over that because whiny posts are not my thing.

I was unmotivated for this race. I did train for it. Well, not exactly. Back when only my spirit was broken, I started a running group with a few friends in my religious community composed mostly of joggers to get them into the running lifestyle. It started slow but it did get people active but helping people out did put a wrinkle on my training. Speedwork sessions were pretty much a distant memory since I started pacing the others. One can probably imagine the…


I’ve lost interest in writing this post in paragraph form so here are the details in bullet points.

0 Kilometer:

  • I managed to get motivated enough to warm-up but I situated myself at the back because I did not care for the competitive spirit and camaraderie projected by the elites and midpackers.
  • At gun start, I got extremely annoyed by the slow midpackers. Suddenly, I was motivated enough to pass them.

1st Kilometer:

  • I passed a lot of them but unlike my earlier races, this race had lesser walkers. The running population has really leveled up in my absence.

2nd Kilometer:

  • A guy busy taking pictures passed me. Darn it!
  • The ‘competition’ has slowed down at this point. The general pace seemed cautious.

3rd Kilometer:

  • Something weird happened. I clocked at nearly the same time as my 3k PR. My motivation skyrocketed.
  • The guy taking pictures stopped taking pictures.

4th Kilometer:

  • I passed the guy taking pictures.
  • I wanted to break my PR so bad. I summoned all my frustrations. I thought happy thoughts. I thought about her.
  • My left leg barely kept up with my right leg.
  • At my kick phase, I was up against a master runner who was in the midst of a kick of his own. I outlasted him. I think he shied away in the end.

5th Kilometer:

  • I did not know if I broke my PR right away. It was only 3 days later that I got the courage to scan my former PR to find out if I really did break it. I did. 27:55.43

Back To Square One

Cebu City Marathon 2012  5k  01/08/12

Before the race:

  • Brrrr.
  • Burning question: Will I run like cheetah at a savannah or corgis on a treadmill?
  • Pretty fireworks.
  • Mud. Everywhere.
  • Is it just me or did my belly get bigger?
  • These shorts are too short for me.

During the race:

  • Slowest start ever.
  • Yep. There it is. Ouch.
  • Pain level: 7 out 10. Minute 13. This is going to be fun.
  • Could this stretch of road get any steeper?
  • Okay. I give. 10 minutes. No! 5 minute walking break.
  • 1 kilometer to go. Run. Run!
  • That woman sounds like she’s in labor.
  • Breathing hurts. Light bulb! I should do a breathless kick.

After the race:

  • Answer: Corgis on a treadmill.
  • I think I’m gonna puke.
  • Oh, great. A band.
  • Don’t I have a singing audition tomorrow?
  • Eternal question: Which is hotter; a hot runner or a hot singer?
  • Those Globe & Castrol models need a sandwich and a nap.
  • Not in the mood for cool downs.
  • That guitarist is too old for that genre.
  • Should’ve joined the fun run version of this race.
  • I’m swearing off dairy during race week for good.
  • My belly did get bigger!
  • Maybe next time.

Days later:

  • I’m not in the finisher’s list. Is that good or bad? 33:07.75

Running From Voices

Hunat Sugbu: Dagan Para Kang Maning  5k  05/15/11

8 days before the race, I was setting myself up for a disaster. I had spent the weekend lurking around the dining table. It was my birthday after all and I considered that a license to stuff myself silly.

6 days before the race, I felt weird. My stomach was bloated and it felt wrong running with it. Run I did anyway. I tried running slow but I had forgotten how, which is weird. It must be because I had accustomed myself into running comfortably hard for a while now. Running comfortably hard did not help with my stomach problems. By the 2nd kilometer, the pain had made itself known. I stopped running after the 4th kilometer.

4 days before the race, I struggled to relearn how to run at an easy pace. It felt weird running that slow but I felt I could run longer and safer this way. The pain was still there though. A buddy of mine, who was a full 5 minutes faster than me with regards to 5k PRs, tagged along. I would have enjoyed his company more if he’d slowed down. I stopped after 6th kilometer. I felt optimistic. Maybe, I was going heal in time for the race.

At the start of the race, I was anxious. The pain was there, hiding. It did not show during the warm-up but it was there. I tried putting my worries at the back of my mind and for a few minutes I succeeded. Pain came as fast as my starting surge. Had I kept running, I would have been overwhelmed. The 2nd kilometer broke me. I walked and after 5 minutes I ran again, slowly this time. The run-walk strategy was my only option and I was a willing participant. The pain did not just break my concentration. It also broke my determination. I managed to do a halfhearted kick. Strangely enough, the timekeeper gave me a time six seconds faster than the time on my watch. Was the cause human error or battery failure? I allowed myself to be distracted by the trivial inquiry. My heart was in no shape handle disappointment.

8 hours after the race, I was lifting weights. Disappointments often led to more disappointments, at least, in my case. I did lunges, calf raises, and squats with weights I was wholly unprepared to use. At the end of that session, I knew I was not going to walk right for a few days. 36:16.28


One Thousand Cranes Run  6k  05/22/11

I am somewhat skilled in making excuses. Going into this race, I must have mentally compiled dozens of it. Here are some of my perennial favorites in no particular order.

  • It’s a miracle! I just healed the injuries from my calves, feet, quads, hamstrings, thighs, abs, and back with only a day to go before race day. Yikes!
  • Oh goodie! Hills! My knees love hills.
  • 3 days until I toe the line and I have not ran a mile. Will this easy run of 30 minutes get me ready?
  • Why are the race marshals positioning the ‘competitive’ runners 8 steps ahead of the ‘recreational’ runners? Am I a recreational runner? Looks like I don’t need to give this as much effort then. That’s a load off my shoulders.
  • Good lord this crowd is fast. I guess there is no shame in being outrun by this people.
  • Wow! Those gun start sprinters are really starting to slow down the race with their superior walking form.
  • 3 km to go at the halfway. What!?! I thought this was 5 km race!
  • A hot babe just passed me. I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve to get a PR. I don’t deserve to finish this race.
  • The no drinking at water stations strategy is really hard. I’m starting to feel dizzy. I am dizzy. I should stop really.
  • My legs feel like wet noodles. Is that normal? Should I stop?
  • I don’t want to look at my watch. What if I’m a few minutes short of a PR already? I am a few minutes short of my PR, aren’t I? I should take a peek. No wait! I’m too scared to find out. Oh, what’s the point?
  • It’s a fun run, no, a charity run. A charity fun run. Whatever. Why go all out?

The reasons to stop kept piling up in my head. Strangely enough, most of them were valid excuses. I just recently healed from my injuries. I only had 1 easy run prior to the race.  That course was grueling as usual. Any number of these reasons was enough to bail me out. However, I didn’t. As I added more excuses to my mental list, they started to not make sense to me anymore. Well, it really was a good idea I didn’t stop. I timed in a full minute faster than my previous 6 km PR. 35:34.72


Best Race of the Month: Hunat Sugbu: Dagan Para Kang Maning

There’s a lot to like about this race. Cheap. Well organized. Great post race meal. Great competition. Not crowded. Take your pick.


Best Performance of the Month: One Thousand Cranes Run

I had lots of problems going into this race but I powered through. The PR is almost an afterthought at this point.