i am… the proverbial bard..a jack of all trades..a modern swashbuckler..of NullSturm..the mad prisoner in the cell..the shade of death on the portal..the beast lurking in the wilderness..a lost cause..every laboring breath..a stifled voice..a torn page..a cold breeze in a sunny day..a dream seeking fulfillment..the music undone..a dream at it’s end..a fear made flesh..a fury turned inwards..a simple gesture..a forgotten note..an unstrung guitar..an unbalanced scale..the fool with a half-smile..a year wasted..who i was..who i am…who i will be..once called a hero..fallen from grace..seeking life..with a dagger poised on my throat..a word unread..a lyric unsung..on a journey towards self destruction..a tower overrun..the depth of the sea..the confusion in your mind..a wound that would not heal..the misplaced trust of my friends..a cruel thought..gray, oh so gray..an unspoken truth..an unheeded advice..a dark scar..an unpleasant thought..waiting release..neither blind nor deaf..just a man..not worthy of being a man..a walking disappointment..the sound of your thoughts..a breathless scream..a lingering sigh..someone you just walked passed..a dark halo..an incomplete verse..an unnoticed glance..an interlude between action and inaction..someone forgotten..someone who remembers..ill conceived..the product of your neglect..ill used..the hand on your shoulders..the amusement in your eye..despairing endlessly..losing my faith..your willing sacrifice..one of the faceless..weary at the third corner..overused yet unused..the one who came first..the last one there..an unattended flame..one of those who dream..the regret in your words..the buzzing in your ear..the milk turned sour..an outstretched hand..hiding in shame..half-empty/full; whichever you prefer..cut and bleeding..the last note..fallen from grace..7, 8, & 9..passed redemption..the last one chosen..the one who should have been..a half-closed eye..a footnote in your past..a bad memory..the pain in your heart..regret…sorrow….farewell…..

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