Running Poetry XXVII

By the time these were written, I have become more OC with my planning and data gathering, which stressed me out on some days. I have long since moved on from this phase. Well, one can hope.

Cold, dark, and lonely
Then a car with rainbow eyes
Sleep-running, I say

Re-injured left knee
With just less than a week left
Staying positive

Macrocycle starts
I did not bother pushing
Will hit ‘gym’ later

Three kids on a bike
A kid extended his hand
Gave him a high-five

Effort based pacing
Not as practical when the
Body doesn’t sweat

In the breaking in of “new”
Minimalist shoes

Who was that strange man
Running with a carton of
Milk under one arm?

Slept only three hours
I ran and dreamt of long naps
Then Kenyans woke me

Fifty-two seconds
Did I fall off the plateau?
Short-lived despondence

A sigh of relief
A minute to catch my breath
An interval starts

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