Running Poetry XXVI

I seem to be going through a lot of stuff when these were written. While I can’t say that I remember all of them, I do remember how I felt back then. Running was fun for me. It still is.

Tangled mind-heart connection
Limitless playback

Death’s on hiatus
Danger came from all angles
Angels intervened

A hot potato
Burning core, legs, lungs, and heart
I should just drop it

A near game over
No right to indulge sorrows
Blest to be alive

Strength training made me
Considerably less strong
At slow paced running

Effortless could mean
Not trying at all so I’ll
Kill this guilt with sleep

Needed a moment
To vomit last night’s dinner
Restart yet again

A bit top heavy
Feet extended awkwardly
Ended abruptly

Tempo plus striders
Plus intervals plus fireworks
Plus milk equals FUN!

Twenty was the goal
Over-paced on first 5k
Ended with fifteen

Countless pairs of eyes
Stared through the evening rain at
The last bloke running

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