Running Poetry XXV

After scrolling to 3 years ago, it has become abundantly clear to me that writing was the sole purpose for these runs. I enjoy running more now. Perhaps, it is because I’m doing it for fun now and not for competition’s sake. The writing part is more of a trained reaction from me. It does not matter anymore if I’m having fun or not. Haha!

Enjoy Halloween everyone!

Distracted by thoughts
Of a lovely, incomplete
Song and a promise

Immune system crashed
A sybilline reminder
Of the road ahead

Tonight’s company
Boredom, my worst enemy
Striders, my best friends

Woke jogging buddy
Pursued a speedy grandpa
Saw a lioness

’tis comfortable
To be one with the shadows
To live the label
To let suns set them aglow

An epiphany
True strength is the power to
Protect one’s loved ones

Challenged by the hills
Challenged by a commuter
Challenged by a kid

The thought of you keeps
Me up more than the thought of
Altitude training

Offer relief not
Opinions ’cause those won’t feed
Any mouths tonight

My mind was elsewhere
But the purpose has been set
No turning back now

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