Running Poetry XXIV

I have been doing intervals and tempo runs lately. My unconscious push for organized running surprises me. I’m not sure about my general direction right now since I’ve already decided that I’m not running a marathon next year. Normally, I would be neck-deep in my marathon training cycle during this time of the year. It’s a little disconcerting. The lack of purpose definitely strikes a discordant chord inside of me. However, I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep running. It feels too good to stop.

Breathing and footfalls
Almost sound harmonious
On a quiet road

Bugbears ran amok
In my head for the last time
Slay them in six weeks

Pray for lives lost
For the displaced and injured
And for thanksgiving

Those who cannot do
Spend more time shoving daggers
At those who can do

No breakfast and lunch
Life suddenly got busy
Had to cut this short

Oh shucks, aftershocks
Gatorade equals loose change
Eighteen percent rise

Premature fatigue
This snail’s pace recovery
Preludes a burnout

Practiced forbearance
Held a steady rhythm ’til
The very last lap

Allowed company
Control of tonight’s pacing
Gave my knees a break

Built a pyramid
Out of boredom and that last
Lap was quite a thrill

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