Running Poetry XIX

My poetry is connected to my running. The more I run, the more write. If I do a thousand runs then I’m bound to produce a thousand poems. I do write for reasons beyond running and I do run with varying effort on different routes. One activity is not dependent on the other. My secret hope (not anymore) is that I acquire mastery on both skills. It would be interesting to see which skill I master first.

Twelve kilometers
Thirty laps on an oval
My friend’s birthday run

With firm resolve, I
Dealt a crushing blow to doubt
I know peace once more

Head not in the game
Dodging projectiles instead
Balls and bat guano

If this was easy
It won’t be worth the effort
And the sacrifice

I wanna eat some barbecue
And some baked potatoes too
A pitcher of your cold iced tea
Oh my gosh I need to pee

Coaxed sweat to flow
On a cold summer evening
Labored up-tempo
The mile seemed everlasting

Found the missing link
The panacea of all
Of my running ills

On a bright Sunday
Morning, I ran and dodged a
Lethal piece of…leaf

Fists trained for fighting
And eyes that gleamed with malice
I feared for my life

I run
For the one who celebrates
I run
With the one who will not yield
I run
To the one who leads the charge


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