Running Poetry XVII

Running for a week seemed an insurmountable challenge two years ago but I conquered it despite my weak constitution. I am sure many elite runners will scoff at this minor achievement. It surely seems minor to me right now. However, it is a good thing to record and celebrate these small moments. How else will you know the worth of your present successes? I may have long since moved on to greater insurmountable challenges in and out of running but it always brings a smile to my face when I take in all I have done in my life.

Slow like a turtle
Fast like a hobbled rabbit
No dinner tonight?

Gloom broke the anvil
No fire to curb inner strife
Still the hammer falls

Discount brevity
Someone set the night on fire
Water, sweet water

Caring less and less
Downcast and slow to warm-up
Only at the start

No recovery
Loud dogs and mad motorists
Did I even sleep?

Colossal, golden
She holds court among the stars
Lighting wayward souls

Beasts, pedestrians
Motorists, and vehicles
Want a piece of me

Set myself to task
Ran every day for a week
‘Tis finally done

Summer afternoon
Relaxed and unhurried stride
A perfect primer

Long recoveries
Anaerobic laziness

If I wallow in despair
I’d risked her righteous anger
I have no courage to spare
Though I wish she’d come sooner

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