Running Poetry XV

How time flies.. These old poems from 27-year old me are amazing! It’s a wonder how I can keep describing pain and endurance after every single run. My fear is that I will eventually run out of words to say about these topics. Only time will tell.

Dusk before Christmas
Danger assailed the senses
I’m saved by His grace

This oblivion
A self-imposed food coma
No Elysium
Foreshadowing a trauma

I felt it tugging
Towards a dark eerie place
It’s chill beckoning

Started new year right
Went to church, updated blog
Met a girl and ran

I knew pain again
Never thought I’d forgotten
The mem’ry tastes..sweet

Need a miracle
Botched training and kept saying
Please don’t get injured

Running while I’m aching
Singing while I’m coughing
This ceaseless suffering
Needs an abrupt ending

Pain wracked the vacuum
As mettle filled its absence
Resolve is renewed

3rd since the thirteenth
Was I this headstrong?

There was dissonance
And I failed at remembrance
Shaky and craven
All my thoughts longed for haven
Until the embers
Sparked an undaunted temper

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