Discordant sounds rang from the room
He sighed with a palm on his face
He should not have bought that thing
His wife eyed him disapprovingly
Incessant noises drown out the sound
Of her favorite soap operas
And reverberated all throughout
Sometimes a neighbor would knock
Insisting they turn down that racket
He’s going to get it again tonight
His wife is the loveliest woman ever
When she’s not nagging him
He marched up to his son’s room
And knocked on his son’s door
A door with a poster of an old guy
And stickers that say, “Keep out!”
The din suddenly stopped
He heard a sound of movement
Then it opened and he saw his son
The boy was so small and so thin
The stick he carried seemed a part of him
He gestured ‘dinner’ to his son
The boy nodded and smiled
And went ahead with his stick in hand
He saw his son’s room
As messy as his when he was his age
A clutter in every corner
A smudge on every surface
Except for the damned cello
It was worn but well-maintained
He sighed again
He should not have bought that thing
He went downstairs to the sounds of glee
The boy was in the midst of instruction
The finer points of music theory
How animated that small frame looked
How much brighter the dining area seemed
His wife listened patiently
And smiled the loveliest smile at him
How they looked
He smiled his own satisfied smile
And sighed
That damned cello is five years old
He probably needs to buy a new one soon
He sat down
And enjoyed dinner with his family
That thing at the back of his mind

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