He mustered
The energy and interest
To turn on the lights
And grab some food in the fridge
It was night already
And he had not had a bite to eat
His whole family went out
A weekend getaway
A two-day adventure
On some beach or whatever
He got himself some leftovers
Last night’s cold Hawaiian pizza
Nuked it in the microwave oven
A can of Pepsi or two or more
He hated getting up to get more
Moved back to the couch
Lay there on his side
Picked up his controller
And resumed his game
Now this is a vacation
He declared to no one in particular
No hard-to-get-off-my-feet sand
No crowded beaches and amusement parks
No long travels across land, air, and sea
No excessive sweating
No situations where he had to talk to family
All he needed was a great game
His trusty controller
An air conditioner set to high cool
Some gamer grub and juice
To keep him going
And a soft comfortable couch
This is a vacation
He declared again to no one
He almost sounded convinced this time

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