He chose the mountain
There are too many people
Hordes of them at the beach
So he woke up early
At an ungodly hour
Wore comfortable clothes
His best Merrell pair
Grabbed a bottle and
Then another one
Got his flashlight
Left a note
Kissed goodbye
At the base
He felt intimidated
The miles
The darkness
The elevation
He did not back down
The fresh air
Felt crisp
As it invigorates him
He ran at easy inclines
But mostly walked
He wanted to savour
The effort and the moment
When weariness came for him
He refocused on his breath
The rhythm kept fear at bay
As the sky lighten
The way reinforced him
The sense of adventure
Put some speed on his legs
He rein the excitement in
Adjusted his form
Perfectly for each situation
For the changing terrain
He kept going
For hours
One bottle empty
After more glorious trudging
After the sun had risen
He claimed his reward
The magic hour had arrived
A scenery of green awashed
In a shower of the brightest gold
He took it all in
Let the experience sink into him
Changing him in invisible ways
He was alive
And at that moment
He was golden

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