I am full!
He proclaimed victoriously
Hands clasping a corpulent belly
He dragged his overworked feet
Towards the couch
The oh-so-soft couch
Sleep invaded his mind and eyes
His gluttonous suddenly vigilant eyes
Spied a box
A box filled with twenty-five delightful munchkins
Before he knew it
His hands reached out greedily
An already full belly wanting more
There’s always room for more!
Plenty of room for twenty-five delectable munchkins
Room for five choco honey-dippeds
Room for five red velvets
Room for five butternuts
Room for ten choco butternuts
He devoured voraciously
One by one
Faster and faster
Down an increasingly cramped hatch
Until only one remained
A singular sickeningly sweet sphere
Chock-full of guilt and regret
He clasped his achingly full belly
Even more voluminous than before
He should be content
He decided he was content
Yes, he was content
So he spared the lone munchkin
As a delicious boon to the next hungry soul
Or should fate will it
An early morning sacrifice
To an insatiable chasm

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