She stands inanimate
Holding her child
And some beads
The halo over her head
Glistening like rusty stars
Sometimes she stares
Blankly into space
What does she see?
Sometimes her eyes surveys
My every movement
I cannot see a trace
Of judgement or delight
Does she approve of me?
Sometimes her lips curl
Into a beaming smile
Her child wears
That same beaming smile
I swear I could hear him laugh
Yet sometimes no emotion
Can be glimpsed at all
I have heard she cries
Though I have never seen
Tears not even bloody tears
The ones seen in pictures
I have never heard her sob
Though it brings me comfort
I neither wish to hear
Nor see her cry
She is my guardian
My great intercessor
She means a lot to me
And I know
I mean the world to her

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