A feather
An owl’s feather
And a memory
Of an urban legend
Of a nightly court
Stalking the night
He remembers his childhood
He remembers his parents’ deaths
He remembers his attempts
At playing detective
He remembers his failure
He remembers his fear

A crash of glass breaks his reverie
Three owls land before him
Not the nocturnal birds of prey
He would occasionally see in the woods
These are men donning owl masks
Men armed to the teeth

He defends himself
Their deadly art circles him
Drawing blood with their talons
He breaks them
Yet his breaking does not hinder them
They shed no blood
These men donning owl masks
Were already dead

He recalls again the urban legend
His childhood fears
His parents’ deaths
His failure
His fear

He shakes off the memories
And steels himself
These owls and their court
They have trespassed into his city
They have trespassed into Gotham
They will pay the price
He will break their talons
He will bring the court crashing down
He will teach them the justice
He will teach them to fear the bat

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