Running Poetry XIII

These poems from two years ago look like they were written by an entirely different person. Have I changed that much?

A blue horizon
Sky and earth met at the edge
Severed the iris

A lunar stare down
Adds pressure to refinement
Falling wrought anew

Pure adrenaline
Enlivening a spent heart
The hurt is no more

Freed of agony
A dream followed every stride
Vexed by the waking

Peace has made me weak
Subservient, pain is master
The rebel wakens

This was no sequel
Saturated to the bone
Each step was feeble
Yet still I entered the zone

Suspend inaction
Cerulean concedes to black
Throw down averted

Despite frequent reminder
And dispirited
By the misleading timer

No more hiatus
For now, I’m mired in self-doubt
Rekindle the fire

First, you silence fear
Then agony comes second
When the end draws near
Fight for each nanosecond

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