42 Thoughts From The Mind of A Marathon Survivor Part II

On the second half of the Cebu Marathon, I got more creative with finding ways to distract myself from the pain. My emotions were all over the place. I knew that the race would end sooner albeit on an ambulance if I gave in to either fear or anger. Thankfully, the route was abundant with bananas, lamp posts, and company. Here are 21 more thoughts from a marathon survivor.

22. Bananas are awesome! I wonder if I can get two.

23. I swore off lechon (roasted pig) during the holidays but the lechon shaped medal at the end is gonna best the tasting pig ever.

24. One lamp-post of running then one lamp-post walking.

25. My body is playing Pain Roulette. It’s a different body part every 2 kilometers!

26. Those kids are staring at my Gatorade cup but they can’t have it yet! I need my reason to keep walking!

27. Drizzle! Yes! Drizzle! Wait. Sunshine! Nooo!

28. Great! My friends saw me. I have to run now.

29. Half a banana! Where did the full bananas go?

30. Who needs Body Glide? Vaseline works just fine!

31. Four lamp posts of walking then one lamp-post of running.

32. Anyone with the strength or breath to help that guy cramping up at the sidewalk should go help.

33. I knew I should have taken more chocolate.

34. Is it possible that that overweight half marathoner in front of me is having more fun than I am?

35. Oh no! A water station! I better finish this caffeine flavored candy quick.

36. Only seven minutes left! Run! Damn it! Run!

37. Yes, I know the finish line is near! You don’t have to tell me! That big sign back there said so already!

38. That’s it. The quest for a PR is over. Bummer.

39. No! I’m not giving up! PRs be damn!

40. I know it hurts feet but I’m gonna keep ignoring both of you until this race ends.

41. Time to kick! Wait! Everyone is staring at me. I’ll just kick like I normally do. Damn. Performance anxiety.

42. Finally over! Now, where’s the food at?

Cebu Marathon 2015

January 11, 2015



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