Running Poetry XI

Tomorrow, I’ll be running my 3rd marathon. These past four months were the worst in terms of marathon training but it will all turn out well somehow. Reading these running poems from over two years ago has given me some measure of hope and strength. I was slower and weaker back then. I did most of my runs at the track because running on the road hurts too much. I avoided hills for that same reason. Despite all my many weaknesses, I kept running for another 2 years. I kept going. I am not afraid of the road anymore. I won’t avoid the hills anymore. At 3 am tomorrow, I will find that strength and just keep going.

Crowned with a halo
Dancers sashayed under her
She illumes the way

She donned a larger halo
That shone its insincere light
Drawing tears on my credo
And forced my exit from the white

This same weary dance
The same song humming
This same crooked stance
The same tired ending?

’twas uneventful
Til rain and pain greeted me
Epic last five laps

That last tingle
Felt like a tangle
Of pristine love
And death from above

Bear witness to emotion
Take in the darkness and breathe out light
Live in steadfast devotion
Exit with pride the circle of life

Like first love
Like an unclenched fist
Like peace in churning chaos
Like feeling but never succumbing
Like inner light breaking free from the darkness

’tis mere perspective
Time and distance matter not
Revel in each step

Almost deferred to dark murky thoughts
Parading ’round their vulgarity
How could I ever stop their onslaught
Sans my proneness for temerity?

Seven point two
Oh, how time flew
Off by inches
Watch for switches
Aim for the right
His shins are tight
Eyes on feathers
Can’t focus on her

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