Running Poetry X

Solo runs or group runs? I’m always on the fence with this question. Almost all of my profound running experiences have happened during my solo runs. However, group runs are undeniably more enjoyable. The poems below illustrate my point and frustration.

First group interval
First belly laugh while running
First barefooted sprint

One equals a hundred
Forgive my crazy math
But times are filled with dread
And ’tis the prudent path

Ignored filling the black hole
This yawning tear in my soul
Gaining mass yet never satisfied
Pain, past and present, is magnified

Caught in a quicksand
Each kilometer has me
Hastening my fall

Felt a tiny spark
My spirit became kindling
Then I’m set ablaze

Space folds before me
Time is absent then present
The sun skips ahead

Let your feet take you
Away from pain, doubt, and fear
Enjoy the moment

This bored fantasy
Has got me shooting myself
Every seventh lap

The crescent moon froze
This chill demanded layers
The count glaciates

His manliness stoked
Twin daggers dug at his side
The man kept running

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