Running Poetry VIII

By the time I wrote these poems, I had grown my circle of friends at the track. Week after week, I had invited people to join me. I was rarely successful but I took heart at the fact that I at least had a good impact on the people who did answer my invitation. In some ways, my friends have influenced me as well. A marathon finish found its way into my dreams.

I did not go unscathed
As I tested my limits
My hand clenching my side
As I limped to the exit

I took to the road
After the tedious grind
With pain as reward
Another lesson to mind

Worry weighed me down
My lips formed a sweaty frown
A trespassing rock!
Must remember to wear socks
It took them a while
They tagged along for a mile
One great meal with friends
Begins and hastens the mend

How much farther could I have gone?
How much longer could I have gone?
Without the pleasure of their company
Thank you my wonderful jogging buddies

No watch, no warm-up
The gold moon was distracting
Forgot my socks too

Lethargic and sleepy-eyed
Challenged and wakened
Endangered, hungry, and filled

Nowhere near my best
I plod at my leisure – OW!
Stop poking me Jane!

Two learned men and
A 42k problem
Seven weeks to go

Sweat obscured vision
And disembodied voices
Annoyed my shadow

Near my breaking point
Lightning flashed forebodingly
Cringed with each step til
The end came mercifully

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