Running Poetry VII

These poems were written 3 years ago. I trained at the track almost exclusively back then. People say it’s boring at the track. “Makalipong!”, they would complained, which was Bisaya for dizzying. It was not the same for me. The track was filled with people. People who lived strange wildly different lives. I enjoyed running with these strangers. I would randomly race kids and pace retirees. However, I still keep to myself. People may be interesting but I rarely go out of my way to get to know them. In two of these poems, that rare occasion happened.

I heard them whisper
Of sickness and injury
But legs have no ears

Dancing gyres of air
Tossing leaves, paper, and dust
Ev’ry – Ow! My eye!

Running from myself
Thoughts howling in the drizzle
Need to stop thinking

Started with a drop
Then drizzle became rainfall
So, I fell faster

I want to give in
To the pain and pressure but
It’s a long walk back

Ripped muscles betrayed
His undaunted focus while
I swallowed a bug

The mind said don’t stop
Stopping is remembering
The memory hurts

For a short moment
The weariness stilled the sighs
I could smile again

A great evening run
Filled with joyous banter and
A new friend named Joy

The darkness is magnetic
So comforting in her seclusion
Though the fall seemed prophetic
They dragged me out of my delusion

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