The Team Awaits

Tabuelan 111 Triathlon 21.1k  06/08/14


Joseph John was nervous. It was his first competitive swim. He never swam two kilometers yet there he was competing in the swim leg of triathlon. Despite all his training, he still had trouble losing weight. He felt all of it as he ran down towards sea with a hundred other swimmers. Like most others, he started cautiously. Survival was the name of the game. When it became too deep, it became a contest of rope grabbing, which he excelled at for almost thirty minutes. He looked terrible when he got out of the water. My heart almost died of worry when he went back in. I could only imagine what his girlfriend was feeling back then. He had another kilometer to go. I launched another barrage of prayers to heaven. He swam better this time. The pack had loosened even though he was swimming with competitors from other categories. His strokes were more confident. When he got out of the water, he had the air of a man who had achieved something great as he walked towards the transition where – 55:54


Mark Jason cursed. His cousin took too long. It was up to him now. He mounted his bike like a pro. You would not guess that he had just started his cycling career just over a year ago. He kept pushing the pace. The no drafting rule was implemented for the cycling leg of this race. He heard a cyclist complain from behind him. His answer was to keep pushing. He pushed as he fueled. He pushed as he hydrated. He pushed like never before. His girlfriend was around here somewhere but his mind could barely register anything else. Push. The clock was ticking. Push. He needed to go faster. Push. He pushed until he arrived at a familiar place the transition area. He took off his shades and gave them to me – 3:02:53


As I jogged out of the transition area, I could already feel the stinging heat. It was 11 am. I tried not to think about it and focus on something else. Maybe someone else. I started about three minutes behind a senator. She had a pacer with her and motorist handed her some ice and water to cool off. I could yell, “Foul!” since support teams weren’t allowed in this race. I would be a hypocrite if I did though. I was guilty of taking some of the ice as well. Besides, she was the darling of this race. Everyone loved her. I followed closely behind her like one of her adoring fans until she pulled away on the 17th kilometer because of my foot cramps. The heat was getting to me. I was not use to noontime running so I took a shower at every water station. It didn’t help much. At some point, it felt like a death march. I felt like quitting. Surrender was never an option though. My team was waiting for me. They needed me. I have to finish. I saw my team when I finally got to the ‘kick zone’. The kick was so painful that my consciousness was going on and off but I kept running until, finally, I ripped through the finish line into the welcoming arms of my friends. 2:43:15

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