Unstoppable force
Omega dodges and strikes
Jaws sink at the neck

Loner shakes fiercely
Dislodging the bloody hold
Great paw to the head

Omega’s world spins
His vision is black and red
Jaws find a large leg

A great roar and fall
Large paws fall on Omega
Claws hunger for blood

He felt every tear
Omega’s world falls away
A great boom resounds

Hunter swears out loud
Missing the bear was costly
Loner is on him

His onslaught falls short
Two civilized wolves attack
Almost overwhelms

The hunter snickers
Cruel laughter awakens
Omega moves out

Civilized wolves yelp
Great paws tear at puny heads
Rifle to his face

He smiles and he shoots
Not before Omega strikes
Bullet claims an ear

Loner stops in shock
Omega continues assault
Hunter screams and aims

A bullet sears fur
Omega howls yet again
Loner lands a hit

Hunter falls quickly
Omega has lost the red
Loner sinks as well

Too weary of fights
Naps are very much preferred
The two sleep soundly

Quite a strange setting
Wolf and bear at the center
Enemies no more

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