I expect nothing
Not from family
Not from friends
From anyone and everyone
Most especially you
I expect nothing
Because disappointments
Rock the boats
Our boats don’t need rocking
Our boats are steady my brother
Our boats are secure my sister
Our boats are stable my friend
So I won’t be rocking
I expect nothing
Nothing becomes something
Well ain’t that a surprise
A great delight to my eyes
Expectations have hit the ground
So by all means
Exceed it
Exceed away neighbor
Exceed away stranger
Even the sorriest attempt
Or the barest intent
Will get you far
Well further than the ground
And that’s quite far
I expect nothing
Maybe I do expect something
From myself
Just to keep me honest
And from the Dude upstairs
Because He really is honest
Would you look at that
Zero expectations
It ain’t zero after all
I guess I do expect something
But just a bit more than nothing
Well ain’t that something

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