21 Seconds Away From Disaster

SM2SM 4 21.1k  02/16/14

My knees were in agony. My belly was in agony. Everything was in agony. Knee problems have been plaguing me since last year. Diarrhea, was entirely new to me. I ran while focusing on stopping the contents of my digestive system from exiting uncontrollably out of my rear end. I was parched and my stomach was making weird noises. This race was not going well and there was 19 kilometers left to go.

Cue in flashback sequence. Even before gunstart, this race was shaping up to be a test of survival and then some. I had taken precautions. Flanax for the knee pains and diatabs for my diarrhea. I forgot the pair of knee braces I wore during my last race, Cebu Marathon 2014. However, I employed the granny running pace and laid out a run-walk strategy for the entire race before hand which was to alternate running and walking using the lamp posts as my guide. Lame? Yup. Effective? Yup.

Honestly, I don’t know if I could have done more. I was utterly unprepared for this disaster but my recent marathon experience kept me calm. I had just run twice this distance over a month ago. Chances were good that I could tough it out and I did. I survived the pain, all of it, and, worst of all, my fears. I even managed to achieve my race goal, which was to run below three hours. Oh, joy! 2:59:39

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