Small Talk (Marathon Edition)

Cebu City Marathon 2014  42.2k  01/12/14

I’m not one for small talk. However, 42 kilometers is a very long distance. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to cover a marathon. For mere mortals like me, six hours is the average. Truth be told, I was aiming for seven hours because I injured my left knee seven days prior. My recovery plan was to keep weight of said knee, get lots of rest, drink milk every chance I get, and hope for the best. I did not know if I’d have recovered enough on race day so I adopted the middle-aged marathon mom pace, which was so conservative that I clocked my first 5k at almost 46 minutes. Super slow but it was helpful. I had a thorough warm-up and I got to enjoy the rest of the marathon.

Interestingly enough, it was the small talk that highlighted my first marathon experience. Runners can appreciate the magnitude of the effort their fellows undergo. Marathoners take that appreciation up a notch. They can empathize and naturally cheer each other on. These are just a few of my interesting conversations with my fellow marathoners.

BPO Yuppy: S***! This ****ing hurts.

Me: *Nodded my head* Yes. It does. *Smiled*


Me: (In Bisaya) Only 10 kilometers to go and 2 hours to do it. We can take it easy and walk the rest of the way.

Middle-aged Midpacker: *Laughed* You’re right! I came from Tacloban. I didn’t have enough training when Yolanda hit us but I did get to walk a lot now that oil prices have skyrocketed there. I had to buy all my stuff here in Cebu.

Me: Really? Well. At least, you’re no stranger to walking now. We can take it easy from now on, enjoy our stroll, and collect our finisher’s medals and stuff at the finish line. *Smiled*

Middle-aged Midpacker Yolanda Survivor: You got that right!


Fast Granny: Almost there! I was late for gun start. My running group have already left me! I had to catch up!

Me: Yeah! You’re fast. I saw you earlier at Banawa.

Fast Granny: *Went on before I could finish my reply*

I later saw her entering a MacDonalds.


Me: (In Bisaya) *Adopted correct running form* Always run well when photographers are taking pictures. *Laughed*

Scarred Runner: (In English) What’s that? Can you say that in English? I’m Malaysian.

Me: *Repeated what I said in English*

Scarred Malaysian Runner: Precisely! *Laughed*


Running Lolo: (In Filipino) This is the longest kilometer ever!

Me: *Laughed* Yeah but it should be close now. *Smiled*


Me: That was a great race. See you next year?

Scarred Malaysian Runner: Yeah. See you next year. 6:17:05

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