Snazzy X and X Half-Assery

Hunat sa Sugbu 3: Dagan Para ni Maning  21.1k  06/23/13

I won’t lie. Half-ass is the right description for this race. Well, not the race exactly. The organizers did a swell job. Kudos to the organizers! Yay! What’s half-assed is my performance. Half-assed training + half-assed execution + half-assed effort = half-assed finish.

Consider my lack of exclamation points though. I’m not mad or miserable about it all. Honestly, I’m kind of content. My mindset coming into this race wasn’t really of the competitive sort considering I had not really trained enough. Climate (I live in the tropics) and life matters had a hand in it… I’ll stop right here. I’m not really the type to bore my readers with my excuses so I won’t. Okay. I will but just a bit.

This race was no heroic quest to get a PR. Pause for collective gasp. Of course. I did have a goal. Read my 2013 running goals post. It’s there. Okay, I’m just stating it here for you, lazy. My goal was to finish 4 half-marathons this year and this race is my 3rd. Oh yeah! One more to go! Stop! Postpone your jubilation and humor my brief ponderance. Does this excuse my half-assery? No, sir. It does not! However, did I accomplish my race goal? Ahem. Hell yeah! I even got a snazzy finisher’s medal to prove it, which I will post at the end of year ’cause half-assed racing deserves half-assed blogging. 2:35:41.57

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