Running Poetry VI

By this point in time, I had just recovered from a knee injury and, somehow, the need for company welled up inside of me. Was it the loneliness? Probably not. I’ve been a loner all my life. Was it the trauma? Perhaps. The thought of never running again certainly sends me spiraling down to depression.

Whatever it was, I felt that I needed to be around people who loved running.

It was one of those quick decisions that did not afford me the opportunity to think about the consequences. It was an extremely easy decision to make. Furthermore, the people were already there so why not make it official?

I, along with a few friends, created a running group.

Friends for company
On this great Sunday morning
No left knee pain yet

Glistening stars watched
As we trotted in circles
All smiles afterwards

Contemptible cold
And a relentless headache
But I’m still running

Like roaring thunder
And a thousand lightning bolts
Shooting through my head

No more lightning bolts
Only the roar of thunder
I got a haircut

There is a longing
A yearning to chase glory
To break limits but
Not in front of company

A bit upsetting
How slow my runs are getting
But very pleasing
How our numbers are growing

When I’m on my own
My pace is 6:33
It’s quite lonely though

Running, no, plodding
Salty sweat in my eyes break
The monotony

What I thought slow, wasn’t
What I thought short, wasn’t
Learned a good lesson
Of the perils of underestimation

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