Running Poetry V

These poems chronicle my knee injury last year. It might be just me but I can hear my old desperation to become faster in every rhyme. I paid dearly for my rash training methods with a month of rest. Nowadays, the pain has not completely left my knee yet. I could still feel it during my longer races. However, I don’t mind it. Pain is a good reminder after all.

A persistent burden
Giving way to boredom
When at last the spirit streaks
Hoping to behold the peak

2 kilos heavier
3 minutes longer?

A flaw in the core
Reconsidering the plan
Back to base building

Absentminded run
Under a waning starlit sky
Forgot to speed up

Striders at four o’clock
Head bowing to the heat
Striders on rubberless track
Feet wallow and seethe

No time for mileage
Practicing control instead
Need to peak faster

Out before the cramps
In my 2 weeks only program

An old pain subsides
A new pain emerges
Fell by the wayside
The training diverges

Pain like no other
The heat a mere distraction
Stupid bum left knee

It’s been awhile
Tested my knee
It took a while
But it wasn’t achy

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