Filling The Silence

SM 2 SM Run III  21.1k  02/24/13

21 kilometers is long. For average runners like me, it will typically take about 2 to 3 hours of running. The distance is quite maddening as well. For most of us, it’s 2 to 3 hours of hearing nothing but the sound of our breathing and footfalls. Vehicular noise might as well be a welcomed change from the monotony but even that is uncommon. Roads are often closed during big races like this one.

Distractions are rare but the mind has a way of filling the silence with unusual thoughts. Thoughts that seem odd tend to echo loudest after all. In truth, while these thoughts are normally disconcerting to me, they nonetheless helped keep me sane for the duration of this race. Here are 21 of my weirdest and loudest thoughts during the 3rd edition of the SM 2 SM Run:

  1. Fireworks! Yeah! Ouch! Firework debris! My eye! No!
  2. Is running in pairs a thing now? Oh, wait. There’s a couple theme category, remember?
  3. That dude just left his partner because he needed to pee. She looks lonely. Might I replace him? My hands are clean enough for handholding.
  4. No rain this year. No scantily clad runners. No distraction.
  5. Eck! This energy drink taste like medicine. I wonder if I can get another cup.
  6. Does getting a cup of water and a cup of energy drink at the same time make me greedy? Wait; don’t drink it all once dummy!
  7. All this wind is ruining my hair!
  8. “How much further?” is a noob question.
  9. This SM is going to be huge. People are going to get lost in there for weeks once it opens.
  10. What an unusual looking church? Note to self: Research church on internet.
  11. Aah! Roadkill! Evasive maneuvers!
  12. Look! That stretch of road looks hilly. Time to bust out my uphill running style!
  13. It’s damn windy out here. How much further? Cut it out!
  14. I just passed that cute girl from The Gentleman Runner post.
  15. Halfway point! Finally! Now, all I have to do is run that same distance at the same speed.
  16. No water. Correction. No plastic cups.
  17. Is that lady picking up plastic cups? Did I just drink from a used plastic cup? Try not to think about it. To thirsty to think about it.
  18. I can’t break my PR! The hills are killing my momentum! I drank from a used plastic cup! It’s too damn windy! Most of all, I can’t outrun that run/walking marathoner who’s been in front of me this whole time! Oh, shut up!
  19. I just outrun/outwalk that marathoner! Hurray for small victories!
  20. 3 kilometers more. Don’t walk! Run the rest of the way! You can do it! Can’t.
  21. Finish! Yes! Medal! Yes! Cousin? Photo op? Yes! 2:31:56.99


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