EPIC Is An Overused Word

Cebu Marathon 2013  21.1k  01/13/13

This race is epic! I had tons of great memories while running this race. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Running through the CSCR Tunnel felt electric. The booming music drum and bugle corps positioned along the tunnel lifted my spirit. I wanted to turn around and run that part of the race again when I got out of the tunnel. Several kilometers later, I did get to run the tunnel again. I thanked God there wasn’t any music anymore. Tunnel + 2 Drum & Bugle Corps = Tinnitus
  2. I passed by a street band that had just finished a song near the 21k turning point. Their enthusiasm was infectious so I applauded them. They answered with their own applause. Positivity is contagious.
  3. There was an aid station that supplied wet sponges to the runners. I grabbed a sponge, rubbed it across my face, and nonchalantly threw it away. Full disclosure: I had no idea what the sponges were for. Until now, I wonder if I pulled it off.
  4. At one point in the race, I heard someone call me. I did not notice him immediately because I was in the zone but his stature made him a hard man to miss. It was Joseph Cabrera, my training partner. I admit I was worried about him because I did not see him at gun start yet there he was doing great on his own. We gave each other an epic high-five as we passed each other.
  5. At 100m to go to the finish line, I did not go for my usual kick. I instead savored the moment. Crossing the finish line meant that this awesome race would end but it had to end. I wavered for only a millisecond then I made sure I finished the race in great form. I did and it was epic. 2:18:47.62

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