4, 27, & 683

2013 Running Goals


Run 4 half-marathons

As of this writing, I am currently in the throes of dread and excitement. Tomorrow, I will be running my first half-marathon. If I succeed in finishing it, I will have completed 25% of this monumental goal. Go me!


Beat my 5k personal record

This is my favorite long distance race. My personal record is currently 27:55.43. It is a shame that I only improved by 2 seconds last year but it is probably because I did not race as much. I will have to do more speedwork this year if I want to improve at all in this distance.


Improve training mileage

Despite being injured, I managed to run a grand total of 683 kilometers. If I significantly improve my mileage this year, I will no doubt be better prepared for my first marathon on 2014.

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