Running Poetry IV

I just finished my evening road run and, as I type this, I realized that poetry can be quite a distraction on the road.

How much of a distraction? Is it as distracting as music?

Is it safe? Is it safer to be preoccupied with rhymes rather than be engrossed with the flow of traffic?

I have no definite answers yet. It is distracting but I never really had any accidents happen to me. Thank God! I’ve never even heard of runners getting into accidents because of poetry. Praise God!

So, I leave you with these poems as a late present for the holidays. I hope you enjoy them. I risked my life for them!

Have a prosperous 2013 everyone!

As cold as winter
Don’t know how winter feels though
Almost quit halfway

A terrible ache
With a simple remedy
A quick bathroom break

Faster, faster
Echoes inside my head
Shiver, shiver
The body trembles instead

Recording day
Head throbbing in stress
Easy running
To sort out the mess

Running distracted
Wasn’t up to the challenge
Music kept me up

Too much strength training
Turned easy into tempo
Darn, missed the eclipse

Run sleepless
Run hungry
Run coachless
Run thirsty
Run shoeless
Run sickly
Just run

As knee pain shot out
Lost five training runs
After tune-up race
Back to easy runs

Frantic excursion
Numero dos wanted out
Before the first mile

Waning lengths
To breathless din
The slackening pain
Though cowardice is sin

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