Running Poetry III

Quality is never an issue when it comes to running poetry. After most of my runs, the writing of these poems becomes instinctual and, almost, spiritual. It’s like bearing your soul after an arduous ordeal. Did the quality suffer? Greatly, but I find that the words become more honest at least. You should try it some time.

Average pacing
Should beget boring results
Blisters made my night

Spectators and dogs
I am already missing
The ennui of track

Nail pierces sandal and foot
I bled and reeled in pain
Still ran tonight like a fool
Then suffer once again

Aching foot
Ran filled with dread
Barely slept
So back to bed

Pain in odd places
I’m out of shape
My pacer on wheels
I can’t escape

Once lost
Once absent
Life has tossed
Beyond the pavement

Binge eating
Four hours sleep
My body is paying
A price too steep

Running, pondering
3ks in flat terrain
Kicking, realizing
Almost got ran over again

Dodged shallow puddles
Cold gusts shortening my stride
So very sleepy

Wanted below twenty
Settled for five thirty-three
But relearned finally
How fast my kick should be

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