Running Poetry II

Sometimes, I wonder about my writing process. How could I possibly have written all of these after my runs? Wouldn’t my brain be too oxygen starved to perform these rhyming gymnastics? Let me think about the answer. I’ve got to run now. Enjoy.

Inverted pyramid
Lets me catch my breath
A lazy pyramid
Lets me rest for a bit

The night barely hid
My ‘natural’ running form
Though I must admit
It was a less tiring form

Uneven surface
The right folds, the left follows
Did not get lost though

The rain and thunder
Made my five thirty nine look
Cooler than it should

Chatty old man
Told me his life story
Gabby old man
Twas an hour of misery

I ran on tired legs
On a torrid afternoon
Stalked by young sprinters

Ran with a cold
Ran with a cough
Am I too old
To be acting tough?


Injured calf
Still on the mend
At the half
When will this end?

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