Running Poetry I

I have this weird habit of writing a few poetic verses after every run. The topics are usually running related but my mind does tend to wander during long(ish) runs so I included all sorts of subjects. Furthermore, some of my runs proved quite eventful hence the changes in length and style. I know you’re probably bored with this pointless introduction so here are the poems. Enjoy.

No preamble
No rain
Only white
And the pervading gray

The reaper sneers
The reaper smiles
An ally appears
I welcome the miles

Forgot the pace
Recalled the pain
Escaped the haze
My fears restrained

Time pressure
Peer pressure
Abdominal pressure
Directional pressure

Golden moon shone down
Lording over dark rain clouds
The track turned lonesome

Held the chain
Through the pain
Stopped at red
Lost instead

Breathless at the third
Nineteenth made us stop at red
Man, that bat was huge

Two cousins
Twelve laps
Some heavy breathing
And a bit of gab

What a mess
I digressed
Then ran less
So I egressed

Fear itself
Came bearing limits
Though agony cut short
Its damning visit

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