Mr. No Motivation

New Balance 10k Run Series  5k 07/08/12

My injury broke my spirit. One month of not running can do terrible things to a runner’s soul but I survived. We, runners, are nothing if not resilient after all. I did plan to run on June but I broke something again. It was my heart this time but I’m just going skip over that because whiny posts are not my thing.

I was unmotivated for this race. I did train for it. Well, not exactly. Back when only my spirit was broken, I started a running group with a few friends in my religious community composed mostly of joggers to get them into the running lifestyle. It started slow but it did get people active but helping people out did put a wrinkle on my training. Speedwork sessions were pretty much a distant memory since I started pacing the others. One can probably imagine the…


I’ve lost interest in writing this post in paragraph form so here are the details in bullet points.

0 Kilometer:

  • I managed to get motivated enough to warm-up but I situated myself at the back because I did not care for the competitive spirit and camaraderie projected by the elites and midpackers.
  • At gun start, I got extremely annoyed by the slow midpackers. Suddenly, I was motivated enough to pass them.

1st Kilometer:

  • I passed a lot of them but unlike my earlier races, this race had lesser walkers. The running population has really leveled up in my absence.

2nd Kilometer:

  • A guy busy taking pictures passed me. Darn it!
  • The ‘competition’ has slowed down at this point. The general pace seemed cautious.

3rd Kilometer:

  • Something weird happened. I clocked at nearly the same time as my 3k PR. My motivation skyrocketed.
  • The guy taking pictures stopped taking pictures.

4th Kilometer:

  • I passed the guy taking pictures.
  • I wanted to break my PR so bad. I summoned all my frustrations. I thought happy thoughts. I thought about her.
  • My left leg barely kept up with my right leg.
  • At my kick phase, I was up against a master runner who was in the midst of a kick of his own. I outlasted him. I think he shied away in the end.

5th Kilometer:

  • I did not know if I broke my PR right away. It was only 3 days later that I got the courage to scan my former PR to find out if I really did break it. I did. 27:55.43

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