Of eyes that felt pain
Or feeling unwanted rain
Of losing what’s left
And after the final breath
Of failing heaven
Or those elitist seven
Of thoughts going south
And broke streetlights going out

All my rage aimed back
Filled me up with shades of black

Not when our hands meet
And ease off then the repeat
Not the tense small talks
Nor the promise of short walks
Not of pleasant dreams
And every time her face beams
Not when the heart skips
Nor of her inviting lips

All these things I lack
Left my ticker cold and black

It is deep dark space
Not in her hypnotic grace
It is the abyss
Not the thought of her sweet kiss
It is damnation
Not this blissful sensation
It is left unsaid
And the distance it has bred

Begged for the last act
I yield to curtains of black

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