Running Ambivalent

JCI Run To Lead 2012  6k  03/11/12


Reasons Not To Run This Race:

  • Due to unclassified knee injury, I can only run for a kilometer or jog for two kilometers.
  • I hate walking during races.
  • I barely ran two weeks prior to this race.
  • My mom told me not too.
  • I really hate walking during races.


Reasons To Run This Race:

  • I miss sprinting at the gun start.
  • If only to adhere to my stubborn nature.
  • I need the workout.
  • Some guy named Coach Rio is promoting it and people say his popular.
  • Why not?
  • I already paid for it. Damn.


Reasons To Quit Midrace:

  • The injury might get worse.
  • It really hurts.
  • I won’t be getting a PR with this knee.
  • This is not fun anymore.


Reasons Not To Quit Midrace:

  • A neighbor already saw me in the race.
  • I already ‘ran’ 3 kilometers; another 3 kilometers would be a cinch.
  • This makes up for the awfully low mileage of the last few weeks.
  • I don’t have anything better to do.
  • I need to justify eating all those post race treats.


Reasons To Keep Racing:

  • I love running.


Reasons To Quit Racing:

  • I love running. 48:57.34

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