28 days. 28 days of nothing but training and relaxation. No races to lose sleep over. No forking overpriced fees for less than stellar singlets. I have been planning to get some downtime for a while now. I never really had the opportunity or the self control, with all the enticing races happening around town, to just settle down and train. Don’t get me wrong. Racing has its perks.  It builds mental fortitude and sharpens one’s competitive instinct. Most of all, you can only really go all out during races. However, frequent racing leaves a huge hole in the long run department. You can’t really combine long runs with tapering.

Combine. Hah. That word hit me like only a freight train could. I read somewhere in a Runner’s World issue that you can do combination workouts to boost training gains. Well, I look at combination workouts differently. Long runs are time consuming and, let’s face it, boring. Tempo and speed workouts are very goal oriented workouts, which take as low as 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. They are never boring or time consuming. The math is easy. Tempo + Speedwork = Long Run. Well, it’s not exactly a long run but a faster version of a long run. Furthermore, it doesn’t end there. Easy runs can also be added into the equation. I even have a list of combo workouts.

  • Tempo + Speedwork
  • Tempo + Easy
  • Speedwork + Easy
  • Tempo + Easy + Speedwork
  • Tempo + Easy + Tempo
  • Speedwork + Easy + Speedwork

I confess that I have yet to try that last one but what’s to stop me from trying all possible combinations. Also, I have yet to see how good the results are going to be. It won’t be long now. I smell a race coming.

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